Winter is challenging for me; I’m not going to lie. When the weather is cold and glum day after day, it gets old, and it’s easy for me to sink into depression and get sick. And with my health history, I really can’t afford that.  

Three years ago, I experienced a crisis when my colon burst. I was off the charts, septic and as close to being dead as you can be while still being alive, and so full of infection with such a depleted immune system that it took four major abdominal surgeries and over a year and a half to get me back on my feet!  It was all excruciating and traumatic, and I don't want /think my body can handle going through something like that again. So I most happily do whatever it takes to keep myself well.  The good news is if you look at me today, you’d never know it happened because I’m perfectly strong and healthy again. (Big Yay and Hallelujah!)  

Once I got through the surgeries (Thank you, doctors, for keeping me alive and putting me back together!), it was me living a healthy lifestyle that pumped my immune system back up and enabled my body to heal to the extent that I’ve been able to stay well for the past two winters.  I’ve stayed well even when people around me were getting colds and flu left and right, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  

What keeps me well and can significantly increase your odds of staying well, too, is not a flu shot. It’s simply you living a healthy and preventative lifestyle that will boost your immunity and significantly increase your odds of staying well. That's the only magic bullet there is.  When I say 'live a healthy lifestyle, I’m not talking about doing anything super complicated or unreasonable, just ten easy things you can do regularly to BOOST your mood and immunity.  

Here you go:  

Your body needs half its body weight in ounces every day to be able to function optimally, so keep a water bottle close by and make sure you’re drinking enough pure water daily.  

Drink lots of hot herbal tea, especially chamomile, ginger, and green tea. Herbal tea is good for you because it's comforting and warming and is also known to increase immunity.  

Get in as many fresh organic citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens as you can. And eat an abundance of onions, garlic, winter squashes, and root vegetables in warming soups and casseroles. Eating organic fruits and veggies is a great way to nourish your body and keep your immunity high!  BTW sugar, junk food, alcohol, etc., suppress the immune system, so avoiding known immune compromising substances will help increase your odds of staying well this winter.  

Ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs by taking high-quality, well-balanced daily supplements. I take doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack because they’re the best all-around supplements I’ve found. Try taking extra Zinc, Vitamin C, and B vitamins if you're run down. Herbal supplements good for building immunity and fighting off infection include Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, Colloidal Silver, and Garlic.  

Support your body with pure essential oils, and I only use doTERRA because I know from much experience that they're the best. I especially recommend using doTERRA.
OnGuard Protective Blend to keep yourself well. OnGuard is a super-powerful blend that supports immunity by getting rid of harmful germs and pathogens. You can diffuse it, sanitize hands and surfaces with it, take it internally and rub it on the bottoms of your feet. Other doTERRA oils I highly recommend to help keep you well are Balance, Citrus oils, Melaleuca, DigestZen, Lavender, and Breathe.  

Move your body every day to keep it in tip-top shape. Get into a routine of walking, dancing, circuit training, and yoga regularly, and try rotating your workout. If you’re at a loss where to start, go to YouTube and type in whatever type of workout you’re interested in, and you’ll see lots to choose from. My YouTube faves are Tiffany Rothe workouts and Allie Journey Junkie yoga. I love them both because the workouts are short and fun to do, and there is a lot to choose from, so I don’t get bored.  

Set a bedtime and do your best to stick to it. Even though you’re probably not going to make it to bed on time every night, if you have a regular bedtime and you’re aiming for it, you’ll significantly increase your odds of getting enough sleep overall. Make your sleep more restful by getting electronics out of your bedroom and keeping your room cool and dark. Also, try relaxing in a warm bath before bedtime and diffusing pure essential oils while you sleep.  

Be positive and expect the best! Look for all the good things in your life and write them down in a gratitude journal. Choose to smile and be cheerful when you interact with others. Look around and find people who need help and help them. If you’re feeling impossibly down, turn on happy music and dance because feel-good vibes are uplifting and contagious.  

Hugging helps reduce stress and boost immunity, so find at least one person a day to give a big heartfelt hug. Give and get as many hugs as you can, and remember it's ok to ask for them.   

Incorporate hygee in your life. Hygge is the Swedish art of creating and indulging in coziness. It looks like wrapping yourself in warm and cozy throws, lighting fireplaces and candles to create warm and inviting atmospheres, eating warm foods, including soups, sipping on hot tea or chocolate, etc. Creating hygge in your space is a great way to nourish and nurture yourself at all levels during the cold winter months.  

There you go—ten easy and effective ways to be healthier in winter—Bim boom bam. Do them, and you’ll be the winter winner!

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