When I was first introduced to essential oils, it was in the early nineties, and I was in massage school. I started out by only buying oils that smelled good, and as my appreciation for the therapeutic properties of essential oils grew, my collection expanded. 
When a friend invited me to try a new brand of oils, claiming they were the highest quality of oils available, I resisted. I was skeptical because many brands claim to be "best quality," and I'd tried a lot of them, and other than packaging, I honestly couldn't tell much difference. I didn't expect the new brand of oils to be any better. But when I tried my friend’s oils, I was blown away. I could tell the minute I opened the lid and objectively smelled them; they were night and day different from the other brands I'd used! They were much purer and higher quality than any oil I'd ever used before.  

Naturally, I was excited to use these new oils on my massage clients.
The first time I used doTERRA oils during a massage, my client was lying face up with her eyes closed, and I put a drop of Citrus Bliss in my hands, rubbed them together, and held them over her face. Almost immediately, she said, "Oh my gosh. What is that? You've never used that oil on me before! It smells AMAZING! It smells so fresh it's making me want to drink it! Where did you get it? Do you have more? How can I get some?" Throughout the rest of her massage, she continued to ask me questions. Mainly she wanted to know how she could get her own doTERRA oils and how soon. So there. That's totally how it went down. 
I'd been using and selling essential oils in my practice for years, and up until that day, none of my clients had ever gotten the least bit excited about purchasing them. They’d often complained about the smell, saying oils made them itch and gave them headaches.  But from the get-go, it was different with doTERRA oils. My regular clients all noticed the difference right away, and not only did they think they smelled better, but they also said they were soothing instead of irritating. Everyone gave them a big thumbs up, and most of my clients liked them so much that they wanted to know how to get their own to use at home.  Seriously, that happened, and it was another first!
Like me, almost everyone I shared doTERRA oils with was initially drawn to them because of their fresh, clean smell. However, the real and lasting love affair happened when we all realized how EFFECTIVE doTERRA oils are and how FAST they work. We fell in love with doTERRA OILS because they smelled good and stayed there because when we used them, we GOT RESULTS like crazy. Before doTERRA, I had quite a collection of other brands I'd spent a lot of money on, so my determined intention was to keep on using them until they were gone. I decided to diffuse them. Until I tried it. The problem was I'd been diffusing doTERRA oils, and compared to them, I thought my old oils stunk. 
I decided to do a smell test and compare them by deeply inhaling straight from the bottle. When I deeply breathed in a wide variety of my old oils, the common reaction is I felt a slightly pinched sensation and sometimes even slight shooting pain in my head. Or the oils simply smelled weak, almost like they'd been watered down. Whereas with all of the doTERRA oils I inhaled, the scent was strong and potent and fresh like the plants they came from, and they had an opening and calming effect on my brain. Compared to doTERRA oils, I had to admit my old oils smelt heavy, perfumy (synthetic), and yuck. They were obviously subpar, and I couldn't bring myself to use them anymore. 
I ended up throwing them all out after all. Before being introduced to doTERRA, I used essential oils in my massage practice daily. And once in a while, I used them at home for therapeutic purposes. I also suffered from reoccurring (super annoying) respiratory issues and regular aches and pains. I was surrounded by oils every day and my health gradually got worse. Then I started using doTERRA both in my practice and at home, all the time for all sorts of things. Honestly, in the beginning I used them because they smelt amazing, but then, my main reason for using them is they made me feel better.
After I started using doTERRA oils regularly, not only did my respiratory issues clear up, but I also stopped aching and started feeling a whole lot better in general. My health definitely improved. It didn't take long for doTERRA oils to become the go-to solution at my house. Now whenever anyone has an out-of-sorts thing going on, we use oils - which are easy to find (even for kids) because they're all over the house... AND we all feel better almost immediately and very seldom need to go to the doctor. Which also saves us a lot of money. 
doTERRA oils have blessed my life in so many ways that I honestly can't imagine what I'd do without them! 

If you've never experienced doTERRA oils, no worries because you can get them here, and then be sure to download my free essential oil guide to know the basics of using them. And in case you think essential oils are expensive, they're not because they're super-concentrated and versatile. One bottle often costs less than a copay and can be used MULTIPLE times for a wide variety of conditions. Plus, doTERRA oils are 100% pure and safe and don't have toxic side effects like meds. 
The bottom line here is doTERRA oils rock, and if you don't already have them in your home, you need them. I genuinely believe that, and I'd love to help you get started. 

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Connie Boucher

Apr 01, 2018 02:14 AM CST

Oh yay... so happy to hear you are in the doTERRA groove Lennie :) Continued blessings to you!


Lennie Krugy

Mar 03, 2018 03:53 PM CST

Beautiful story.....I joined doTERRa in 2011 and the oils have changed my life. I have followed you on Facebook... trips, oils. Love to hear from you.

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