Step Up and Shine

Personal Development Course


Step Up & Shine is a personal-development course that will guide you in creating a more fulfilling and rewarding life. This 28-step course will give you the tools to overcome your obstacles so you can effectively take charge of your life. This is for you if you’re serious about taking action and UPGRADING your habits and your life!



I am so glad you are here; come in and let's get started!

Day 1 : 100 Things

Hello and Welcome tot he first day of the rest of your life! We're going to be making a list of your top 100 things you'd like to do or have in life.

Day 2 : Set a Goal

Use your Goal-Getter worksheet to help you get clear about what you need to do.

Day 3 : Habits

Today you'll be getting a Habit Tracker worksheet to help shape your life the way you want it to be.

Day 4 : Routines

Use this AM and PM recipe to amp up your whole day!

Day 5 : Prayer

A partnership with God is POWERFUL; I encourage you to ask Him to help you.

Day 6 : Music & Oils

Music can give you a positive charge that will uplift your entire system!

Day 7 : Time

Time is your most valuable asset because once it's gone, you can't get it back.

Day 8 : Distractions

Shiny object can take up hours of our day without us even realizing it!

Day 9 : Body

Your body and brain need nutritious food and pure water for them to perform optimally.

Day 10 : Body-Wise

Today, you're going to start paying attention to your food and exercise choices.

Day 11 : Your Story

Our reality come from the stores we tell; when we talk, the universe listens and responds.

Day 12 : Declarations

Declarations will help you to improve your life by helping you to reprogram your thinking.

Day 13 : Journaling

Journaling is not for detailing your days and about how you can "do better"; journaling is to learn about yourself. You'll need a "pretty journal" and a "take out the trash journal".

Day 14 : Take Out the Trash

Rid yourself of the sabotaging voices which tell you you are being ridiculous and your dreams are never going to happen.

Day 15 : Clutter

Learn how to rid yourself of mind-clutter and life-clutter.

Day 16 : Mind Clutter

Today we are talking about how to really clean out MIND clutter.

Day 17 : Own It!

It's time to figure out what makes you special and unique and sets you apart!

Day 18 : 80/20

You have to find a good balance between work and play.

Day 19 : Measure Results

Time to make sure you're still on track and going in the right direction.

Day 20 : Boundaries

When you have good boundaries, people can feel it.

Day 21 : Step it Up

We're going to Step Up our declarations to really dig deep ad find what your heart is yearning for.

Day 22 : Rise Up

Learn new ways to help you rise above what is bogging you down and causing heaviness in your world.

Day 23 : Gratitude

Gratitude goes hand in hand with serving, giving back, and paying it forward.

Day 24 : Money

Knowing where your money is going each day will help you stay on track!

Day 25 : Down Time

Learn how to take the time to do something which will nourish and rejuvenate your soul.

Day 26 : Expectations

Stretch your mind and embellish on what you've already created.

Day 27 : Push Up!

Review your progress and reflect on your changes and improvements.

Day 28 : Celebrate

It's time to celebrate!!

The Whole Step Up and Shine Course PDF

This is where you will find the whole course pdf so you can download and print all the days at once.

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