I used to think being rich was all about having a lot of money, but then I got older and found out that being rich is much more than what’s in your bank account.  

A couple of years ago, when I got really sick, I realized how precious good health is. During that time, I came to know how essential a happy and positive attitude is. I chose to be grateful that I was alive and GET WELL as fast as possible. 
That made me Rich.  

Honestly, it was super hard to be so sick, and sometimes I lived in a rut all day. But a lot of the time, I told myself it was just a short season, and I'd be back to normal soon. I prayed, and a lot of other people prayed for me. And I was blessed to the extent that today I am totally and miraculously well. Huge Thank You and Hallelujah. 
I am Super Rich.  

Every day I get to choose what I think and what I feel. Somedays, I feel good and it's easy to be positive and upbeat. Other days I have to look for silver linings. Every day I get to choose, and I remind myself of all I have going for me, and of how strong and capable I am! 
I am So Rich.  I repeatedly count my blessings and tell myself exciting stories about the beautiful and fulfilling life that lies ahead! 
Rich again.  

Every day I choose to create amazingness both inside my mind, and in the outer world I live in, and consequently, no matter how much crap is hitting the fan around me, I can still feel happy.  Haha, that makes me both Lucky and Rich!  I have agency, and I'm a powerful creator who can change the circumstance of my life with mere thoughts and words! God has made me limitless and placed me in a world of pure potential. Life is filled with goodness and wonder, and its mine for the taking. I never need to be a victim of my circumstances because the world is my oyster. 
I am So So Rich!  

I've learned that wealth is an attitude that, when turned on, actually attracts money. 
I am Rich Rich Rich!  

No matter what, I can never forget up a level from where I am and get MORE out of life. And so can you!! 
I am SO Blessed. 


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