It's not an exaggeration to say the past three years have been incredibly challenging and soul-stretching for me. At the same time, they’ve offered opportunities for growth and transformation like none other. 
I now know I can do really hard things, and I’m a lot stronger than I thought! It's true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I’ve learned that when you think things can’t get worse, they can. And when something hurts you so much that you don’t think you can ever feel good again... your body and heart can heal, and you can rise up and feel strong and happy, and your world can feel even better than it did before!
I am constantly reminded that it’s not what happens to you but the way you react to it that causes your mood and life to spiral up or down. 
I’ve learned that when someone wraps poop in a pretty package and says it’s a gift, it’s still poop, and it still stinks. And if you hold onto it and dwell on it, you’ll stay stuck in a sewer swirl, and the pooey deal will stink even more. 
My life’s been hard the past couple of years; I’m not going to lie. I’ve done my best to keep my chin up, and there have been some emotional and fulfilling moments, but behind the scenes, there’ve also been many times when all I could do was collapse. 
I’ve faltered and fallen, eaten for comfort, and sat around in an exhausted and depressed daze. It's been a time of tumultuous emotions, and I haven’t liked it. I haven't always liked how I handled myself.
But I'm a fighter, and I get back up. I refuse to become a victim. When I get knocked down, I refuse to stay down. I always get up, and I come back stronger than ever.
So, with a heart that's much more forgiving, accepting, loving, and grateful than not (because I have learned some powerful lessons and grown like crazy... and how can I not be thankful for that?) ... I’m choosing to firmly close the door on a complicated and challenging past and say goodbye to 2018. 
What’s important and relevant now is THIS IS MY LIFE, and I’ve got me (my most significant asset!), and I'm UP and moving forward! 
I see the NEW YEAR that lies ahead and as a NEW BEGINNING and gold paved path/doorway to things opening up and getting a lot better!
Can you relate, and are you with me?
I know what I want, and with God’s help, I’m going to get it/make it happen. I’m crystal clear about my intentions, and I can feel the promising potential of another new beginning! 
My rose-colored glasses are on and in my optimistic fashion (yay because I’ve still got it!) I’m stepping up and taking action... Exciting new doors are about to open, and I’m ready and expecting.
Bring this new year on!

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